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CodeMash registration deadlines!

If you're a CodeMash 07 alum and planning to attend CodeMash v2.0.0.8 Jan 9-11 in Sandusky, OH, I hope you're online today and registering.  The alumni discount ($110) expires today.

Regular registration goes through Jan 5 ($175) but then the procrastinator rate of $250 kicks in.

And, the last time I checked (late last week), the Kalahari was "out" of rooms in the CodeMash block, but were still honoring the $88/night (vs. $229) rate.  I have no idea how long that will last, or if it's even ongoing.

 See you in Sandusky!  


Matrin Odersky interview on Scala on the Java Posse

I was just loading up my iPod for my Friday night workout and I was hoping for a new Java Posse podcast.  I'm in the habit of listening to podcasts rather than music while working out.  The time goes quickly and I learn something.  The only downside is that it's not good at ALL for taking notes.  But come on, who takes notes with podcasts anyhow?

So what do I see, but a new episode AND it happens to be an interview with Martin Odersky about Scala!  COOL! 

 So, in the final weeks before my Scala talk at CodeMash, I'm thrilled to see a Scala eBook released and to have this interview come out as well.  Good timing for me.

 Anyhow, so off I go to the basement where we have a Smooth Fitness elliptical.  Having something like this at home is essential, IMO, for parents.  Kids are in bed.  Husband is out finishing up the Christmas shopping (good man!).  If not for the elliptical, I would be in front of the TV … or the computer (oops, wasn't I going?).

Rich Internet Application Jam at SRT January 14-16

SRT Solutions will be hosting an RIA Jam, with Bruce Eckel, James Ward (Adobe) and Josh Holmes (Microsoft).  This self-paced exploration of rich internet options will give participants the ability to learn about Flex and Silverlight and to talk about JavaFX, which doesn't seem to be quite ready for prime time just yet.

I've done several of the jams that Bruce has organized, and I have found them to be great learning experiences. I'm thrilled that we will be hosting this at our new office in Ann Arbor.  We've been getting inquiries about it already, and since enrollment is limited to 30 participants, it seems prudent to register early (plus, early bird pricing of $400 by Jan 2 versus $500 after that makes registering early wise as well).  Sure, you could learn these technologies on your own, but I've found that learning in a jam session like this helps me stay focused when I get frustrated, and that's proved to be really helpful.

Oh, and Adobe is throwing in a free FlexBuilder license with your paid registration fee.  Nice!

Registration and more information are available on Bruce's site


A CodeMash song!

OK, the CodeMash Google group is a very cool group of people.  I mentioned yesterday about the Nerdcore reference.  Today, one of the group members (Matthew Williams) has written lyrics for a CodeMash song to the tune of Monster Mash.

Here's a preview:

"Coder Mash"
TTTO: Monster Mash
Words by Matt Williams, 20071204
(Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License)

I was working on my code late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
For my server's access logs began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise

It did the mash
It did the coder mash
The coder mash
It was a hacker smash
It did the mash
It caught on like a flash
It did the mash
It did the coder mash

[and there's more … and it really does get even funnier)

If you don't come to CodeMash, you will definitely miss out. 



Nerdcore at CodeMash?

OK, while perusing the CodeMash Google group, I've learned a new term: nerdcore. There is a fairly lengthy thread between some of the attendees who will be organizing a jam session at the conference.  VERY COOL.  But nerdcore?  I had to look it up.  Sheesh.  I'm very amused.  Can't wait to see THIS!

NOTE: The alumni discount rate of $110 expires on 12/15 (as does the discounted block of rooms at the Kalahari Resort), so register SOON if you haven't already.

 See you at CodeMash


Ann Arbor Tech events this week

It's the first week of the month.  Do my children wonder where their mother is? 

On Tuesday, Dec. 4, Brent Hill of Google will be presenting "Everything you want to know about blogs and RSS". That event will be at the Google office in Ann Arbor at McKinley Towne Center, 5th Floor, 201 S. Division, Ann Arbor, from 5-7 pm.  Registration is required, at

On Wednesday, Dec. 5, Kevin DuBois will be talking about the latest features of Ubuntu Linux, at the Ann Arbor Computer Society meeting.  That meeting will start around 6 pm at the SRT Solutions offices, 206 S. Fifth Ave, Suite 200, Ann Arbor.

On Thursday, Dec. 6, the Michigan Python User Group will meet at SRT Solutions offices to discuss distributed version control systems.  Mercurial and Bazaar NG are written in Python.

All of these events are free.  Hope to see you at one or more!

NOTE: There are NO SRT lightning talks this week.  The only December lightning talks will be NEXT Friday (Dec 16) from 3-5 pm, at SRT Solutions offices.