4 More Weeks of Six Weeks of Scala

There are still 4 weeks left of our Six Weeks of Scala series.  There’s still plenty of time to join in, particularly since this has been organized as independent sessions to allow people to come and go, as it fits their schedules.

We will meet at SRT Solutions on Monday evenings (11/1, 11/8, 11/15, and 11/22), sometime after 5 pm (most people seem to be arriving at around 6), and work on Scala for about 2-2.5 hrs.  The first few weeks, we worked on a variety of things, getting used to the language.  We played around with collections in the first week, and pattern matching & functional decomposition of problems last week.

On Monday, November 1, we are going to start working with the Scala Koans, modeled after the Ruby Koans.  We’ll be working with Dick Wall’s fork of the Koans, and hopefully contributing to them.  Please join us.

SRT Solutions is at 206 S. Fifth Ave., Suite 200 in Ann Arbor.  This is at the intersection of Washington and Fifth Avenue.  The entrance is from Fifth Avenue.  Metered parking is free in Ann Arbor after 6 pm, so if you can find a space, feed the meter til 6.   Alternatively, the closest parking structure is at Fourth Avenue and Washington.