Ann Arbor in top 10 “Where to find a geek”

Last week, I wrote about a recent Fortune survey that showed a large number of companies in the top 10 were tech companies. I quipped that perhaps it’s finally cool to be a geek.  And then, a poll came out from (the matchmaking website)  that puts Ann Arbor in the top 10 cities of “where to date a nerd”.

OK, so I took some liberties and replaced “nerd” with “geek” in my title because (1) I prefer it, and (2) the former is a bit condescending.  I’ve had this conversation before … maybe it’s a losing battle, but it’s my soapbox.  I’ll save that for another day.

Ann Arbor should be proud of its placement (6 out of 10) for where to find a nerd.  With A2Geeks, Ignite, TedX, numerous tech group meetings each week, thriving co-working space at TechBrewery and Workantile Exchange, incubator space, and the support of Ann Arbor SPARK, it’s no wonder!  We’ve got something that larger cities envy.  And yes, it’s a proud moment for geeks all over town!