CodeMash Organizer and CodeMash Speaker Mash it Up on Dot Net Rocks

Dianne Marsh, organizing committee member of the CodeMash Conference and CodeMash speaker, and Bill Wagner, CodeMash speaker, appeared on the Internet Talk Radio Show “Dot Net Rocks” today. Bill and Dianne, cofounders of SRT Solutions, a firm that specializes in mentoring developers, talked to hosts Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell about how broadening your horizons with different technology communities will help you become a better software development professional. At the end of the show, Carl and Richard gave away 2 free tickets to the CodeMash conference.

Topics discussed:

  • Objectives of CodeMash conference: bring together developers of different languages and platforms to learn from one another.
  • Lots about Python, including IronPython
  • How SRT best serves its clients with its multi-platform, multi-language approach

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