CodeMash Speaker Evaluation Underway

CodeMash is a conference that will be held in Sandusky, OH January 18-19, 2007 at the Kalahari Resort. We’ve lined up some really great talks for CodeMash. Here is a small sampling:

·Dave Donaldson: Let NHibernate be Your Data Layer
·Joe Wirtley, Dan Hounshell: Real World Continuous Integration using NAnt, NUnit, NCover, FxCop, and More
·Owen Taylor: End of Tier Based Architecture
·Chris Judd: Scripting for Java
·Mary Poppendieck: Lean Software Development
·Ben Carey: Beyond TDD: Exploring the Benefits beyond Testing
·Bill Wagner: Curry Favor with Closures:  An Introduction to Functional Programming

And more …

We’re going to have a birds of a feather session with technical book writers. How could we resist, with some great authors at the conference, including Bruce Eckel, Neal Ford, Bill Wagner, Jason Gilmore, and more.

And … we’re also going to have a language experts panel, moderated by Bruce Eckel.

And, of course, we have 3 really cool keynotes: Bruce Eckel, Neal Ford, and Scott Guthrie.

Get your reservation in early. Early bird prices ($99) end December 18.

CodeMash Conference