Football themed lightning talks at SRT this Friday

OK, it's that time of year again.  Michigan vs. Ohio State for the Big 10 Championship.  And the game is IN Ann Arbor this year, so, at the suggestion of one of our consultants (thanks Peggy!), we have decided to "theme" our lightning talks around football this week.  Yes, all talks are still welcomed, but be forewarned that SOME talks may have a football influence.

I, for example, was planning to do a Scala talk (which I still may do, if there is enough time in the schedule), but my primary talk will be the "little yellow line" (first down line). I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little yellow line. OK, that's all I had better say about that lest I not leave any material for my 5-10 minute talk!

Talks will be scheduled upon arrival and limited to 10 minutes.  Buckeyes, Wolverines, and even non-football fans are welcomed!

We will have some buffalo wings for sharing.  Please join us on Friday, November 16, from 3-5 pm at 206 S. Fifth Ave, Suite 200.