NetBeans 6, Beta 2 ….

Has been released.  Josh Marinacci says he's dumped all old versions of NetBeans AND Eclipse from his system.  Hmm, interesting.  I'm not sure I'm ready to go that far, but I *do* think it's time to give NetBeans another look (I downloaded Beta 1 and played around with that, and it looks pretty nice).  And I'm pretty jealous of all of the disk space Josh was able to free up with his bold move.

So, I was trying to think what I would miss about Eclipse. I thought maybe I would miss the GWT Designer, which does graphical layout for GWT apps.  No, I don't do a lot of GWT development, but it's nice to have the flexibility to do so easily (and I happen to be doing some GWT work now).  But alas, it appears that NetBeans offers such a thing as well.  I'll have to check it out (and I won't feel at all bad about having spent $39 for a year of the GWT designer; it was totally worth it!).