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Event: Unusual Entrepreneurs Panel

New Enterprise Forum, July 27 (tonight!) at 5 pm

I haven't been to an NEF event in a long time, but this is certainly one that I would like to attend.  For the 4th year in a row, the NEF will present a panel, "Unusual Entrepreneurs Share Wild Success Stories".  This is more than just marketing genius in a title; these are really cool stories.


Brad Morgan (The "Doo Man").  Brad turned unwanted cow manure into compost, transforming his former dairy farm into a compost farm!

Doug Chapan ("Hyperfit").  Doug is a former Navy command fitness leader who is now training mere mortals to be strong in everyday situations and beyond.

Janet Brown-Smith ("Chase-It" Pet Toys).  Janet sells her product on QVC, and I have to say is the least interesting story to ME of the three panelists, on paper at least.

Also, Ron Suarez and Tom Meloche will be pitching new business ideas.

I hope to be there (looks bleak: need babysitter!), but I sure hope to hear all about it if I miss it.

For more info, go to http://www.nef.bizserve.com/events/index.html

New Enterprise Forum