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Looking forward to Java Posse Roundup 2013

I’m always excited to attend the Java Posse Roundup, but this year more than ever! The Roundup is in its 7th year (if I’ve done the math correctly) and I’ve made it to every one, so why is this one so appealing?

First of all, our private google group, for attendees, has been hopping with ideas about what sessions people are interested in, and what the open hacking day will be. People are talking about hardware this year: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and 3D Printers. And there’s lots of excitement around programming NFC stickers. Software excitement is in the air as well: lots of discussions around Javascript and Node.js and Coffeescript. And of course there will be discussions about Groovy/Gradle, Java, Scala, and Go.

Many of the veteran attendees share houses in the town so that the geekery doesn’t have to stop when people go back to hotel rooms. The number of repeat attendees at this conference is very high, but it offers a good mix of newcomers each year as well. I see the newcomers offering great suggestions on the group, so they’re jumping right in too.

As far as I know, there’s still time to join in, although time may be getting tight to arrange travel. The conference is February 25 to March 1, and it’s held in Crested Butte, CO. Registration is at http://www.mindviewinc.com/Conferences/JavaPosseRoundup/. Hope to see you there!



Presenting the Scala Koans with Bruce Eckel in Detroit

I was thrilled when David McKinnon of the Detroit Java User Group invited me to present the Scala Koans in Detroit on May 31. The timing worked out perfectly for Bruce Eckel to be in town, so I asked him to join me. Bruce and I are working on an introductory Scala book together, and the Koans are a great way to learn Scala as well. The koans are self-paced exercises. You can do them from home, but in our experience in presenting them at StrangeLoop, CodeMash, and 1DevDay, the group atmosphere offers an additional facet for learning. Other participants ask questions and contribute ideas, providing a unique experience at each event.

Join us on the 5th floor of the newly renovated Madison Building, 1555 Broadway, in Detroit on May 31 from 9 am – 4 pm (lunch provided).

You can register at http://detroitscala.eventbrite.com/. Early bird pricing is in effect until April 30 and regular registration runs through May 25. Hope to see you there!


Ann Arbor: Embrace your inner geek with area events

The next few weeks will bring some interesting technology events to the Ann Arbor area.

This Saturday (January 29), there is a CodeRetreat at SRT’s offices.  The concept is that we can all become better programmers by practicing.  CodeRetreat is language-agnostic, so show up with your computer and language of choice.  CodeRetreat is FREE.

To learn more about CodeRetreat, go to:



On February 15-17, Ann Arbor SPARK (330 E. Liberty, Lower Level) is hosting James Ward, Adobe Flex evangelist.  James will be leading a Flex Jam, which is designed to bring together developers, from beginning to advanced level, to learn about Flex development.  Attendees work at their own pace, with James as a guide and mentor.  Exercises will be available for those who do not have a project in mind.  You can register for the Flex Jam at http://www.srtsolutions.com/flex-training.  The registration cost includes a continental breakfast and a boxed lunch.

Our friends over at Pure Visibility are offering Google Analytics Drivers Ed Training Course, on Friday, February 18.

And, of course, there will be a plethora of user group meetings coming up.

SRT Solutions is at 206 S. Fifth Ave., Suite 200.