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The Mysteries of Magic Numbers

Today I asked the question, "What's so magic about the number 838 hrs 59 minutes?". It appeared to be the upper limit for a sum in an open source package that we use internally.

The answer came from Ben Barefield, whose search netted that this is upper range for a TIME field in MySQL. It appears that this software does the sum calculation into a TIME field and maxes out at 838:59.

Looks like that program could have used some more testing.  Since it's open source, we can fix it.  That's good.

CodeMash early bird deadline

CodeMash, a developer conference organized by volunteer developers, is to be held January 18-19 in Sandusky, OH. Drawing from national talent as well as regional experts, this conference provides a unique opportunity for a diverse set of people to get to

CodeMash deadline is TODAY!

Today is the last day to get in on the $99 registration for CodeMash. Tomorrow, it goes up to $149 (still incredibly reasonable). CodeMash is January 18-19, 2007 at the Kalahari Resort (www.kalahariresort.com) in Sandusky, OH, and will bring together developers from all worlds … Java, .NET, Python, PHP, Ruby, TurboGears … you name it! We’ll all learn from one another in a cool and fun environment.

Engaging keynotes by Bruce Eckel, Scott Guthrie, and Neal Ford. Talks by Brian Goetz, Mary Poppendieck, Jay Pipes, David Stanek, Kevin Dangoor, Ted Neward and more!

Don’t miss out on early bird pricing. But even more importantly, don’t miss out … space is limited, so sign up soon!

I’m promoting CodeMash heavily because not only am I on the organizing committee, but also because this is a conference with a theme that I believe in, strongly. SRT Solutions, with diverse knowledge among its staff, definitely benefits from the cross-pollination of ideas. One friend asked me if I thought that the “generic developer” would get much out of this sort of a conference. My response? Any time you learn something, you’re benefiting. You may not use any more than one of these languages in your job, but knowing about the others, and their strengths and weaknesses, makes you a better developer.

CodeMash Registration

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Kalahari Resort
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