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We’re hiring


Bill just posted about our 3 open positions.  We seem to be building up steam these days and we really need some good resources.

I like Bill's post about what we're looking for.  To go even further, we want people who are PASSIONATE about software development.  We're looking for the curious, the interested, the "I can't sleep right now because I have this cool thing on my mind" type of people.  Yes, we sleep and so should you, but you know what I mean.

Anyhow, I know we've talked to some of our blog readers at user group meetings, but when we've contacted people directly they've said, "Yeah, I was thinking about talking to you guys", but hadn't actually done it.  So, do it.  Even if we don't have something that you're interested in now, our local software economy seems to be revving up, so maybe we will have something soon.  Yes, most of the jobs right now are .NET, but we may have some "alternate technology" stuff coming up soon.