Upgraded to a new Mac Book Pro

My old Mac Book Pro was getting pretty old, and I was due for an update. I made sure the Time Machine backup was up to date and started the restore.

There were just a few surprises:

  • The estimate for Time Machine restore was 48 hours. Ouch. So I had to leave the new shiny machine at the office to complete the restore. All in all, a good experience. It was done when I got back. Not sure how long it took since I worked from home yesterday …
  • I missed that the MBP-RD (Retina Display) didn’t have an ethernet port. Our wireless is often flaky at the office and so I haven’t depended on it. Bought the Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter right away.
  • I had previously upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion on my old MBP and had to reinstall both Mercurial and the Java runtime.┬áThose updates also had to be reapplied after my Time Machine restore. That surprised me. Does Time Machine ignore the OS files? I guess that sort of makes sense (easy to upgrade the software), but it still puzzled me a bit.
  • I also had to re-enter my Office for Mac product keys. I haven’t (yet) encountered any other software that required attention.

Anyhow, less than 2 hours later, everything is running again. Pretty cool.