Women in Technology Blog Series by Jennifer Marsman

Jennifer Marsman, developer evangelist at Microsoft, is in the process of producing a series of blogs about women in technology.  Motivated by the unsettling experience of realizing that blogs.msdn.com/jennifer was still available in 2007, Jenn seeks out women to interview for her blog, telling their stories.  In addition to being an accomplished developer herself, Jenn has a great knack for making the stories relevant and interesting.

This week, I'm honored to be the "woman" that she chose to interview. I'm thrilled to be in good company with such women as Lidiane Souza, Amity Blinkert, Karen Djoury, Carey Payette, Janet Galore, Toi B. Wright, and Katy Kneale. I look forward to reading Jenn's Women in Technology blog each Friday, and I know that there are some interesting interviews to come.  I hope that all of you will send your suggestions to Jenn as well.  It's a great series and I've learned a lot from reading about these women and their accomplishments.  I'm sure that Jennifer will easily fill up the year (and then some) with a new woman to profile each week.  I'm looking forward to the continuing series!