AACS meeting tonight: still on

Joe O'Brien is braving the weather, en route from Columbus up to Ann Arbor for tonight's Ann Arbor Computer Society meeting.  Ann Arbor is getting some ice, but evidently the rest of the area seems to be getting snow.

If you're already in Ann Arbor, definitely stop by. I'm, sadly, not going to be able to make it since we got hit pretty hard with snow and ice at my house and I'm pretty much iced in.  Having heard Joe speak several times, I'm very disappointed to be missing his talk, and I hope that someone will blog about it!

The meeting is at 6 pm, at 206 S. Fifth, Suite 200, Ann Arbor.  AACS provides pizza, free of charge, to all attendees.  Meetings are free and open to the public, but only members ($20/year) qualify for door prizes.