CodeMash: Speaker submissions and registration

CodeMash is a very cool conference that I helped to organize last year, and am again involved with this year. The concept is to bring together developers from different languages, platforms, technologies, to learn from one another.  Like last year's event, CodeMash version will be held at the Kalahari Resort and Indoor Water Park in Sandusky, OH.  Like last year, the cost is minimal to attend (and like last year, we're working like crazy to get generous sponsorship to make that possible).

But what YOU need to know is that if you would like to speak, please submit talks by October 15 at And, as of this morning, registration is now open as well.  The crowd last year was so fun that we decided to offer an alumni discount to last year's attendees, so check your email for that if you attended last year.  If you are submitting a talk, please wait to register until after the speakers have been announced (that will simplify the accounting, since speakers get free conference registration).