Corporate equivalent to flylady?

Cleaning the keyboard reminds Dianne that seemingly silly cleaning tasks maybe just need a little perspective.

Maybe the World DOES need FlyLady ….

A Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) friend of mine recently told me about, a website/email service that sends “helpful” reminders about cleaning. I’m not a neat freak (by any stretch), but I wondered if she had some innovative ideas about organization, so I went to her site. Hmm, she posts little jobs that you can do in just a few minutes to spruce up your house and motivate you to keep things clean. Like shining your sink. Like taking a toothbrush and shining a faucet. I was aghast. Do people really DO that? Do people really feel like keeping their house clean because the sink is shiny? Glancing over at the load of dishes in the sink (dishwasher full of clean dishes), I realized that I’m worlds away from being able to be helped by flylady and I got off of the site quickly.

But today, just a few days later, I find myself spending a few minutes cleaning out my keyboard with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol. Hair, food (and whatever else!) was in there, making typing a bit of a challenge (I KNOW I TYPED A SPACE!). What a difference those few minutes made! I’m typing here without hesitation. No double keystrokes! Woo hoo!

Ah … so maybe cleaning the keyboard is the corporate-equivalent task to cleaning the faucet. I’ll rest easier tonight, knowing that my keyboard is clean and that my work won’t take as long due to unnecessary keystrokes. But, rest assured … the sink is still full of dishes needing to go into the dishwasher. Some things never change.