Lightning Talks Overview for 11/30/2007

We had a large crowd for lightning talks today (11 people is a good turnout). 

Bill Wagner talked about the Halloween problem.

Rick Harding talked about Google SketchUp and how he's using it for laying out his garage.

Bill Heitzeg talked about Javadoc Online and its Eclipse plugin.

Jay Wren talked about NUnit Forms.

I talked about some cool podcasts for staying current with technology (Java Posse, .NET Rocks, IT Conversations, Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders).

Mike Woelmer talked about RegistrationFree COM.

Phil Huhn talked about testing using Team Foundation Server.

We also had a talk on "Vote Early Vote Often" from She Who Will Not Be Named describing how her voter registration got screwed up and she was issued two valid voter registrations.  It highlighted how when there are multiple places where data can be input, duplicate data in databases may not be properly resolved.


I hope that you'll join us next time.  Because of the holidays, we will only have one set of lightning talks for December, and those will be December 14 from 3-5 pm.  Maybe I'll bring cookies and eggnog!