PyCon registration is open

PyCon will be held in Chicago from March 14-16 (with tutorials on the 13th and sprints afterward).  Registration is now open at

The tutorials and sessions both look great, and there are also lightning talks and open spaces.   I'm even hoping to lure my scientist husband into attendance.  He has looked at Python about a year ago and liked it.  He's not a programmer, but he did some programming in Pascal in college and briefly looked at C++ a few years ago.  He said that Python was the most understandable of the languages he has seen.  This seems to be a common reaction from scientists, and so I'm hoping that he will go and learn more.  He may even end up using it at work someday!

It's great having a conference like this in the Midwest, and I have already signed up.   I seem to recall that the conference filled up last year (in Dallas).  I didn't want to miss out.