Python User Group Meeting Summary

Python User Group Meeting Summary

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

The Ann Arbor Python User Group usually meets on the first Thursday of every month, but Titus Brown was in town this week, so the meeting was moved so that he could attend and participate. Titus talked about Twill, his testing tool. You can use twill to test web apps from the command line using python-based commands, very convenient indeed. His package descended from Cory Dodt’s PBP, and is based on the Python “mechanize” package.

Twill isn’t able to test Javascript, but Selenium does a great job of that. Scotch is a collection of WSGI modules that record wsgi transactions.

Jason Pellerin was also at the meeting, and he talked a little bit about Nose (not much, mainly just about Titus’ use of it, and the fact that Titus has extended it). Hoping he attends more frequently and does some more in-depth sessions.

The original plan, before Titus’ appearance was planned, was that Bruce Webber would talk about wxPython. Instead of rescheduling his talk, Bruce and Titus both talked. It was great. I learned a ton about wxPython, and look forward to trying out some GUI programming in Python with them.

Here is a link to resources from the talk, including both links from Titus and slides and links from Bruce.