Scala Koans Workshop at Strange Loop Conference in St. Louis in September

Wow, that’s a lot of S’s.

Join Daniel Hinojosa, Joel Neely, and I for Scala Koans at the Strange Loop conference in St. Louis on September 18. The Scala Koans, inspired by the Ruby Koans, were previously presented at CodeMash 2011 and the Java Posse Roundup 2011. We solicited feedback at both of these events, and we’re adding to them, incorporating some of your suggestions as well.

I’m excited to be attending Strange Loop. ¬†Alex Miller has done a great job, starting it in 2009 and growing it every year since. My friend and co-presenter for the Scala Koans, Joel Neely, attended last year and had high praise for the conference. I’ve already signed for another workshop in the afternoon of September 18, and I’m looking forward to seeing the full schedule!