Scala now or JDK 8 (much) later

If you were waiting for the JDK 7 release in preference to Scala for things like lambdas, parts of Project Coin (small language changes), or Jigsaw (modularized JDK), your wait is over.  That’s over as in not gonna happen til the middle of 2012.

Maybe that’s too long.  Maybe you’re curious about what Scala can do now.  If you are, the Ann Arbor Scala Code Retreat is happening at a good time.  Join us on Saturday, September 25.  We’ll be at SRT Solutions, 206 S. Fifth Ave., Suite 200, from 9-5.  That’s at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Washington in downtown Ann Arbor.  Everyone is welcome: novice to advanced.  This won’t be a tutorial; it will be an active coding session.