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It's not just Art Fair this week

Yes, it's Art Fair week.  Townies know to avoid driving into Ann Arbor unless they're actually GOING to Art Fair.  I have a meeting on Wednesday, so I'm riding my bike from the outskirts of town.  Usually, our friends Melissa Dominiak and Micheal Cole come in to do Art Fair, but this year, they're skipping it, so I am too.  They have an ultra cool gallery in Hannibal, MO now, a renovated church. We were there last October.  The home of Mark Twain, it now has a thriving artist community.  Who'd a thunk it?

Anyhow, other than Art Fair, there are still things to do! GANG (Great Lakes Area .NET User Group) has Julie Lerman coming in to talk about ADO.NET.  Bill blogged about her visit, and it's on our calendar as well.  And as Bill points out, if Lansing is closer, she's speaking at GLUGNet on Thursday as well.

And I discovered a new podcast, thanks to a member of the Java Posse Google Group (thanks Patrick Archibald!).  The Software Engineering Radio Podcast is available on the SE Radio website and on iTunes.  This week's podcast is an interview with Martin Odersky, creator of Scala.  It's queued up and I'm looking forward to listening!

Still waiting on the Google web team to send us the link for the registration for the Google Tech Talk in Ann Arbor on August 2.  Hang in there!

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