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Open Source Software at Netflix

Netflix has decided to open source many projects, contributing to the mindshare for cloud development. Follow the Netflix Tech Blog for the latest news, but I’ll also highlight things that I think might be interested as I have time.

The Simian Army is Netflix’s solution to keeping your cloud working well. From the Chaos Monkey (which improves your overall, long-term resiliency by shutting down your instances) to the Janitor Monkey (which detects and cleans up instances you no longer need), the Simian Army is worth investigating if you use the Amazon cloud. It’s available as open source, so you can use it and even choose to contribute.

Today, another team at Netflix open sourced Garbage Collection Visualization (gcviz). Being able to look at garbage collection as events is essential to understanding its impact on outages.

Oh, and if you REALLY like the Simian Army, maybe you will come join my team. We’re hiring for work on the Simian Army and Edda.

We’re at the A2 Tech Fair today

SRT Solutions is recruiting on the University of Michigan campus today.  Eta Kappa Nu, the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science honor society, is hosting a career fair for its students.  We're interested in bringing in both interns and new grads.  We've also brought handouts about events like our lightning talks and the user group meetings in Ann Arbor, many of which are held in our office. We're hoping to include attract a younger crowd to those as well.