We’re moving our blogs

Hang in there with us

I'm hoping that no dust is apparent as we move to a new Community Server-based website, but I wanted to warn people anyhow that we're in the process of moving over our website, including our blogs.  If we go away for a day or so, rest assured, we'll reappear when we get all of the gremlins sorted out.

We're also completely redoing our website so instead of recreating this look and content on the new Community Server based site, we're slapping up a pretty simple site for the time being and only transitioning over the things that we think people use.  I'm sure people will complain if we remove a "feature" that they have come to depend upon!

Our calendar should remain accessible no matter what the dust, so watch that (and in particular August 7 for the Google AAJUG talk).

This may be my last blog post until the blogs have been moved over (we're copying over the old content and at some point, I'm going to need to stop posting new stuff!).

See you on the other side!

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